The sexual expressions of a freeky, but inexperienced, mid-30s couple. He's very straight, and she's, I guess you'd say "bi-curious". Never acted on it, but the idea is such a turn-on. Maybe the right girl will convince her someday?

She's on here more than him. He likes the benefits that come with it. ;) He'll chime in from time to time and he usually signs as "Him" when he does so you know. if it's unsigned, it's probably me (Her).

Don't have a lot of pictures of him up here other than with me. He's shy about getting his picture taken. He loves taking them, but not as much being taken of.

We need to work on him ladies!!


Sexual Questions. ASK ME A FEW :)

1. What’s your favorite position and why?

2. How did you lose your virginity? If you’re still a virgin, is there any specific reason?

3. If you could have sex with any porn star or model, who would it be?

4. What’s one thing in particular that makes you want to tear off your lover’s clothes?

5. Five turn ons.

6. Five turn offs.

7. Have you had any embarrassing sexual experiences?

8. Do you have a fetish?

9. Have you experimented with anyone of the same sex?

10. What’s “out of bounds” for you during sex?

11. What’s the best sexual unsolicited advice you can give?

12. Hickies - get ‘em or give ‘em?

13. Do you like giving head?

14. Do you like getting head?

15. What’s one thing you look for in a partner?

16. How many partners have you had?

17. What’s your sexual orientation?

18. If you’re bi/pansexual, what gender do you tend to prefer?

19. Describe the best sex you’ve ever had.

20. Describe the worst sex you’ve ever had.

21. Have you ever had a funny sexual experience? What was it?

22. Are you okay with rough sex?

23. How big was the biggest dick you’ve ever seen? Was it in a porn or in real life?

24. Boobs or ass - which is better?

25. Do you prefer sex or masturbation?

26. Describe how you usually masturbate.

27. Do you like tattoos on a partner or do you like them to have a clean slate, skin wise?

28. How do you feel about daddy dom/little girl roleplaying?

29. What’s your fantasy?

30. Do you have any sexual regrets?

31. When did you last have sex?

32. When did you last masturbate?

33. Have you had anal?

34. Do you like to spank/be spanked?

35. What do you want done to you right now?

36. Are you comfortable with getting tied up?

37. Did you have sex in high school?

38. How old were you when you lost your virginity? How long has it been?

39. Do you like teasing or would you rather get straight to the point?

40. Sexting or phone sex?

41. Have you had sex in any interesting places?

42. Are you sexually active?

43. Have you had car sex?

44. Have you ever had sex with anyone else in the location you were at? (i.e., while your sister was in the other room)

45. Why aren’t you fucking anyone right now?

46. Are you able to have emotionless sex?

47. Does penis size really matter?

48. What has been your most memorable experience sexually?

49. If male, are you well endowed?

50. If female, what’s your breast size?

51. Have you ever been the other person?

52. Have you ever cheated on anyone?

53. Describe an orgasm.

54. What’s the longest time you’ve had sex for?

55. What’s the shortest time you’ve had sex for?

56. If you could change the person you lost your virginity to, would you?

57. Have you had any pregnancy scares?

58. Are you comfortable naked?

59. Are you comfortable sending pictures of yourself to others?

60. What’s your sexual comfort zone like?

61. What’s something sexual that you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up liking?

62. Do you have any piercings in fun places? (i.e., clit, nipples, dick)

63. Would you say you’re good in bed?

64. How do you get sex tips?

65. Have you ever had sex with anyone while they were on their period? Have you ever had sex while on your period?

66. If you could be the other sex for a day, would you and what would you do first?

67. What’s your favorite part about being the gender you are?

68. Slow but passionate, or fast, furious, and kinky?

69. Have you ever 69’d? Did you enjoy it?

70. Have you ever done drugs and then had sex?

71. Have you ever had sex with someone you’re in love with?

72. How are you with BDSM? Would you ever engage in it?

73. Do you like gagging on cock/having someone gag on your cock? Why?

74. When it comes to oral, are you gentle? Do you use your hands too?

75. Okay, how do you feel about handjobs?

76. Have you had any unwanted pain during sex?

77. What is something that’s not sexual that can turn you on more than anything sexual?

78. Can your sexual partners be categorized by their zodiac signs?

79. Have you had sex to music? What’s your favorite sex song?

80. What’s something you want to try in bed?

81. Has anyone drew blood from you during sex, whether it was by cutting, biting, or scratching? How did you feel about that?

82. Have you ever fucked someone who was sad? Did it help them emotionally or make it worse?

83. Do you like sexual anons?

84. What’s your ideal round of sex?

85. Do you like the use of whipped cream, handcuffs, chocolate, and cherries?

86. Have you ever been walked in on or caught?

87. Have you ever had sex in public? Would you?

88. What’s a good sex joke?

89. Do you like to be called a dirty slut or would you rather be treated like royalty?

90. Are you more submissive or dominant?

91. What’s your naughtiest secret?

92. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve encountered sexually?

93. Have you ever “stuck your dick in crazy”? Was there a lesson learned?

94. Do you like playing with balls/having someone play with yours?

95. What’s the best nonsexual feeling?

96. Do you like feet?

97. Do you look at rule 34/hentai?

98. Pick a random question off this survey for yourself.

99. Who’s your ideal sexual partner?

100. Do you have a partner right now? Would you like one?

101. Are you accepting “applications” for a partner?

jennyislooking1982 asked
I've only just discovered your blog, I love it !

Aww, thanks!  Thanks for sharing in the journey.  




-The messages I get-

Taking self a and making myself visible in media with all my flaws was always an act of self-reflection, acceptance, raising awareness for issues like bodyshaming and a whole lot of rebellion in general. 

It makes me vulnerable but gives strength at the same time. 

I wrote down some of the messages I got over the years… the positive ones and the negative ones. 

Ask yourself: 

Does the woman in the pictures look inspiring, strong and beautiful or like a needy, moralless attentionwhore…?


You inspire me!

It is my goal to be so strong!

I admire your beauty!

You are brave!

Your selfportraits make me feel good about my body!


You are disgusting!

Keep making that ugly duckface!

Selfies are fucking needy!

You are a shameless slut with no morals!

Where is your selfrespect, Attention Whore?




Bobbi Starr:Deep Throat- Swallows 3 cocks & then takes the loads, mostly on her face.  She also fits the medium size cock in her mouth with the balls.  She continues cack gobbling after the cumshots.   Is Bobbi a highly skilled professional or a hero of the universe!? 

dir by Gazzman from Satan’s Whore



because sometimes we change. 

Gorgeous.  Great idea for pics! -Her


because sometimes we change. 

Gorgeous.  Great idea for pics! -Her

sexmostoles-deactivated20140512 asked
Hi! How are you?

Umm…Good.  You?